You will surprise how easy and intuitive it our POS. After you have downloaded the files it takes less than 90 second to test with your first order.


  • Download Floreant POS and Unzip
  • If you are in windows click on floreantpos.bat
    or double click on floreantpos.jar . If that does not work
  • You may need to download and install Java SDK
  • You can also go to command prompt and type: java -jar floreantpos.jar



  • Use admin password 1111
  • Login to Backoffice
  • Turn on Cash drawer to enable payment.
    Admin->Configuration->peripheral dialog.
    (you need it even you do not have drawer)
  • Logout.
  • Click on “Take Out”
  • Create first ticket
  • Take Cash payment.



Printer Setup

  • Connect Printer and Install printer driver.
  • Again Login to Backoffice
  • Add receipt printer.
  • Save and Restart
  • Create a new order and take payment.