Need additional features? For example, Visual Receipt Designer, Store manage by Session, Server bank, EoD Reconciliation, Server tips payout, Merging Ticket, Splitting ticket, Bar tab,  Price by shift, price list, Variable price product, kitchen sticker, barcode label print, Item sticker, BoM and KDS with bump bar? Upgrade terminal to our paid PRO version starting from only $19.99 per month. Try for a month Free, now.

You will surprise how easy and intuitive it our POS. After you have downloaded the files it takes less than 90 second to test with your first order.


  • Download Floreant POS and Unzip
  • If you are in windows click on floreantpos.bat
    or double-click on floreantpos.jar . If that does not work
  • You may need to download and install Java SDK 8
  • You can also go to command prompt and type: java -jar floreantpos.jar



  • Use admin password 1111
  • Login to Backoffice
  • Turn on Cash drawer to enable payment.
    Admin->Configuration->peripheral dialog.
    (you need it even you do not have drawer)
  • Logout.
  • Click on “Take Out”
  • Create first ticket
  • Take Cash payment.



Printer Setup

  • Connect Printer and Install printer driver.
  • Again Login to Backoffice
  • Add receipt printer.
  • Save and Restart
  • Create a new order and take payment.