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Non-cloud Free Point of Sale. Download, Modify & Use It with full freedom in your Business.

Made for Restaurants No Advertisement. No Hidden Cost.

📢 v1.5 Released

90 second installation

Setup Floreant in 90 seconds. There is no complex setup process, there is no mess. Unzip installation zip file and run. it will autoconfigure database. Login with admin password and voila more

We know Restaurants’ Needs

Floreant POS is designed in a famous restaurant chain. We know what a restaurant POS must-have. You manage everything here – food, employees, kitchen and tables. more

Rock solid architecture

We are tested in market since 2009. With huge user base our issues are reported real time and this is why Floreant is better than many known commercial point of sale.

Many restaurants, cafe, food shop, and pizzeria runs the business with Floreant POS.  We are serving businesses for almost 12 years. There is no locking, no hidden cost, or no restrictions on using the software. Floreant POS installation is straight forward as it has an embedded database. Unlike many cloud-dependent POS it runs without the need for any internet. There is are supports for touch screen terminal, kitchen printer, and cash drawer. Specialized stores can purchase additional plugins or upgrade to the PRO version of the software. Source code for Floreant POS is released online free, so you have full freedom to extend it.

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Floreant is the first known enterprise-grade restaurant POS released in public domain. It has stable growth in last 10 years and according to google statistics it’s the most used restaurant POS

Floreant has been shared in all download sites including CNET Download, ZDNet, and Only has more than 122,000 downloads with 200% growth in last two quarters.

We meet and exceed user expectation with regular releases, listing to their requirements and providing seamless free supports over discussion group. Every day we receive a huge number of appreciation notes and Getting full 5 stars in is rewarding 

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It runs on any platform

Windows | Mac | Linux

Simplify Order management, Automate kitchen and Keep control of cash. It  supports wide range of hardware. It also Runs in any Java supported platform including Windows, Linux, Mac or Rasberry PI.

Thousands of Restaurants use our Open Source POS.

We have experimented with all the open source POS’s we could find and Floreant is by far the very best in terms of simplicity and functionality”

Dwayne Allen,
Owner, TheBreadFruit

The BreadFruit is an Award winning modern Jamaican cuisine in downtown Phoenix, AZ, USA, Offering expertly prepared jet-fresh seafood, daring new rum cocktails, and a finely curated collection of over 150 premium rums and fine cigars.


    • Restaurants
    • Ice Cream
    • Fine Dine-Ins
    • Pizza shops
    • Moms & Pos
  • Coffee Shops
    • Light Retails
    • Fast Food
    • Bars
    • Food Trucks
    • Delis
  • Kiosks
    • Candy shops
    • Juice Bars
    • Bakeries
    • Cafés
  • Liquor Stores

Installed Floreant POS for university project on business intelligence last year, and was really impressed with how attractive and easy to use it was.

Clarissa Barks, North Carolina Central University

These guys are outstanding. The software works great and they go the extra mile to ensure their customers are happy. I’ll continue to use Floreant POS as my restaurant grows.

David Dixon, Rebel Barn, MS

We are a full service restaurant that does about 200 covers for dinner on weekends, and we’ve been using Floreant POS since 2010. It is a very robust and stable platform. We have experimented with all the open source POS’s we could find and Floreant is by far the very best in terms of simplicity and functionality.

Dwayne Allen, TheFruitBread, AZ


Floreant started its journey in 2008 when Dennys Restaurant in Oneonta, NY hired our team for upgrading their database. In 2009 source code was released in the public domain.  In 2010 the software included Java POS support and shift-wise pricing, partial payment, and kitchen printer. Right after that release(v1.02) it received huge appreciation. To handle the increasing number of downloads we have to host binaries in, ZDNet and Floreant POS is has been customized and adopted in famous chain stores including Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken,  Parkway Pizza,  Mini Delights, Monalisa Paraguay, Cinco E S.A.S  and so on.