Every device running a POS system is considered as Terminal. If you run a system in multiple terminal, this is important you keep a unique number for each terminal. This number should be set before it goes to production and never be changed.

Terminal number

? Back Office–>Admin–>Configuration–>Terminal

In default setting Floreant runs as standalone single terminal. Usually system generates unique 4 digit terminal number. If you decide to have different terminal number at initial setup that should not be changed later on.

Default Password Length

Login Password must be protected and secured for each store employee. Default password length can be changed to 6, 8 or 10.

⚠ To Protect the Terminal and all its data from unauthorized use of employees Database Configuration button should be disabled from login screen. If database recreated by mistake it can erase all existing data.

Auto log off

By default in every 60 seconds of inactivity Floreant terminal will log out. This is useful where many people shares the terminal. You can change the time period or disable totally.

Translated Name

At the menu item setup using translated name for other languages than English, this button need to be checked to activate the Translated Name.

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode means full screen protected mode where a regular server cannot access Operating system. Kiosk mode enables users to take orders and payments without distraction of other apps or programs that are running on that POS terminal. You may assign certain user to see shutdown button. You must check if an administrator has shutdown mode before you have enabled this.

Group by Categories in Kitchen Receipt

Items can be viewed by sections under their menu categories instead of the sequence the order was originally taken. This may help the cook to get more organized.

Enable Multi-currency

For using any other currencies other than US$, Multi-currency functions need to be enabled.

Allow to Delete Printed Ticket Items

The tickets that have been settled and printed can not be removed from the record by default, this feature gives the option to remove those tickets.