1. Installation

  • Our latest stable release is 1.4 build 1707. You can obtain it from here
  • To run this software you must have Java 8 installed your Computer. You can download JDK 8 from here.
  • Unzipping the floreantpos zip file you should find a folder with following files. floreantpos.jar file contains the main application.

In most of the cases, double-clicking on floreantpos.jar will start the POS. If you run it in windows you may also click on floreantpos.bat. Our default database type is Apache Derby Embedded DB. If you need to use multiple terminals you have to use derby server. Both of these databases are in the database folder.


You can also go to the folder and start the application from the command line

java -jar floreantpos.jar

WinRAR Issue

Make sure winrar or any such compression software does not associate with the jar file. This will try to unzip the jar file and corrupt the system.


2. Login

We have two subsystems in the same Application.

  • Admin will login back-office, set up the store, manage items and price. He will take care of employee accounts and set their permission.
  • Then day-to-day operating is performed in Front-end.


Our default password is

admin: 1111



3. Now you are ready to go.

  • Go to back-office and setup terminal
  • Setup store and terminals
  • Connect printers
  • Enable cash drawer

and make transactions.


If you need more features, stability, and support you can Download and try ORO POS.