Floreant (pronounced FLO-ree-ent, “to flourish, propser or grow” in Latin) is an open source POS solution for the Small and Medium-sized restaurants, quick service and retails. Floreant POS is founded, contributed and maintained by OROCUBE LLC, and promoted by authorized business partners.

Floreant POS was founded in 2009 and in 2014 it ranked top 3 opensource POS project in google reaching 166,000 downloads and 25,000 active stores in 2016.

In 2014, OROCUBE LLC setup its office in Lexington, South Carolina with the goal of transforming the successful open source POS project into a growing and sustainable commercial open source business. In 2015, the company added Managing Directors, revamped engineering and support processes, and expanded its sales and service channels.

The application and source code is provided on the basis of the MRPL 1.2 a variant of Mozilla Public License version 1.1; Floreant POS is also available as supported product and available under separate commercial license.

The Purpose

  1. To benefit Restaurants with quality Information management system
  2. Make it free forever and let anyone access source code to improve over all quality
  3. Develop application in incremental fashion and add new features based on community input.

How our organisation will gain

  1. Learning from community.
  2. Share technical and logistic knowledge
  3. Make it sustainable through commercial customization.


Through RIGHT technology and freedom of source code we will render hassle-free service that requires minimal maintenance and maximum performance

Measurable Goals

  1. Right technology demonstrated by usability and user-friendliness
  2. Quality of code understood by naming convention, optimized logic and  minimum number of bugs.
  3. Freedom of source code ensured by releasing source code in a Public accessible server.


  1. Source code hosted in Subversion
  2. Standard Java Executable
  3. Live System (Live CD, Live DVD or USB Bootable) with support charge.

Project Constraints

Open source projects may slow down due to lack of monetization and a sustainable business model.


  • Operating System: Windows XP, Mac 10.4+, Linux Kernel 2.6+
  • Database: Apache Derby 10.x+, MySQL/MariaDB
  • Java Run time Environment 7.0+ (latest recommended)
  • Disk space : 50 MB+
  • Memory : 256 MB+
  • Network: Ethernet / Wifi

Supported POS hardware

  • Cash Drawers connected to POS printer.
  • Any Touch screens terminal
  • Any POS Receipt printer.
  • PC Printer for Backend reports ( Any standard printer)
  • Barcode scanner (any barcode scanner as keyboard emulation mode)
  • Magtek Magnetic reader
  • Data collectors. Metrologic Scanpal 2 connected to a serial port.
  • Any other input device that can emulate Keyboard (like bar code scanner or magnetic scanner).

Technologies used

  • Hibernate OO Database mapper
  • XML.
  • Apache Derby
  • Apache Ant
  • Apache Maven
  • JDK
  • Javapos
  • Jasper Report
Roadmap will refer to tentative development schedule  and it does not imply a commitment to deliver. The proposed dates may change due to the workload of the development team and the content of each release could vary depending on market changes. Floreant POS holds right to change it as needed.
2018 Q2 Redesign the system for cloud Introduce API to connect to cloud In Progress
2017 Q2 Improvement of Kitchen Printing Performance Tuning of Kitchen
2016 Q3 Bi-lingual system Using two language in receipts & UI Added
2015 Q2 Printer routing and KDS A friendly wizard for setting up printer & cash drawers
As per users’ feedback we decided to release it in Zip file
2015 Q1 Cashier mode One shot sales like Grocery where casher continously create ticket & take payment Done
2015 Q1 Holel booking Holel booking In Proress
2014 Q4 Plugin manager Plugins for connecting other application with Floreant POS. Different accounting packages could be integrated with Floreant POS easily with Plugin manager
Yes. It has been done
2014 Q3 Integration with online order system Restaurant site may add snippet so that orders submitted by guest is forwared to Floreant POS.
This is made possible with our MySQL database.
2014 Q3 Itegration of Security Camera POS will record video clip or capture images while doing drawer pull and drawer bleed Not done
2014 Q2 Home delivery system Track guests by their phone no and optionally their address. Keep track of phone based orders.
Free plugins available and packaged.
2014 Q2 Handheld and Mobile POS Customer will be able to select from handheld based menu. Expected to support Iphone and other mobile phone with browser.
It has been tested in Dell Venue Pro 11″ Handheld. Button size change has been added
2014 Q2 Live POS DVD / USB system Release Image such a way system can boot with Linux and automatically configure and stat POS server and terminal. Not done

In 2014 we cleaned up the system and refactored its performance. Its UI was extended for Java based Mobile devices. Since 2010 it has smoothly running the largest jamaican restaurant and bar in Arizona. In 2015 Louisiana Fried Chicken, Texas started using it in their Quick service system. In 2014 it was rebranded in Moscow and Colombia and implemented in 40 stores.  Aside many commercial implementation, Floreant has been used in fire dept in Maryland, and boyscout troops in NY.  Universities take over floreant code it for their research projects.