Simplify management of
    Fastfood shop & Cafe


Leoni’s Focaccia, Sandwich shop in Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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Point of sale for Fast food

Takeout view speeds up order taking, shoots to the kitchen and makes the customers happy. Boost up revenue and enjoy sales reports.

Table service

Servers can easily find available Tables and seat guests without any hassle. Table buttons will show the ticket number and its status. This is very easy to edit and reorder food, split the check and print a guest check from the touchscreen terminal.


Floreant supports any Tablets like Microsoft Surface 4 or  Dell Venue Pro that support Java 8. It only requires 16GB storage and 2GB RAM on dual-core processor.

No Installer

Installer may mess the system, so we release our POS in ZIP format. This makes full POS very portable. Even your database server is inside our zip file. You can copy POS folder and make regular backup.

Active project

Since 2009 OROCUBE LLC is maintaining the project. We are active and we release daily changes. You can access to full source code anytime.

Upgrade and add Plugins

You may upgrade the POS system to our paid PRO version which has a lot more supported features in a few extra bucks. Optionally you can only add plugins to quickly add inventory and floorplan.

Manager’s Facilities

Managers can assign cash drawer, payout employee tips, split tickets and confirm voiding any ticket.

Fast food runs Faster

  •  The takeout view instantly takes the order and send the items to the kitchen.
  • Complete an order in few taps in the touchscreen.
  • For here & To go.
  • Flexible Discounts and coupons.


  •   You can print to packing printer.
  •   Unique ticket number minimize chances of errors
  •   Pizza builder is an easy solution for sectional food.
  •   Accepts both cash and card tips.

Kitchen Display

  • Go green,
  • Save printing cost, and
  • Use an interactive way to see kitchen orders.


The kitchen display in Floreant POS is still in experimental mode and reported to have refresh lag. if you need real-time update, you can try the PRO version with KDS that uses IoT messaging.


…I wasn’t ready but our 28 years old Micros 2700 gave up. Boss called in a frustration. On a Saturday night at 4 pm i had to rush and put the floreant in action. It was an unbelievable experience. Everything worked great. Whole team says thank you. 


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