Order Taking

When the server initiates order he first taps on Order type. There are 4 Main type orders in our system.  Admin may create custom order types.

Order Type Features
DINE IN Table Service requires Table & optionally guest number. Customer pays after service has been fulfilled.
TAKE OUT Quick service system where payment is received while order is created.
RETAIL Same as Take out except it does not print a receipt in the kitchen.
HOME DELIVERY Floreant has limited delivery functionalities. If you need full-featured home delivery and pickup  OROCUBE released a new delivery plugin.ripple

Order Views

When an order has been processed it comes back to next order screen. Server or Cashier does not need to log in again.


Ticket Editor

  1. Top Tollbar
    a. Change views and go back to home view.
    b. Settings/customize.
    c. Order list
    e. Managers Menu
    f. Clock in
    g. Log out
    h. Shutdown
    ? When cashier is taking order cook can simultaneously clock in without affecting on going order.
  2. Categories.
  3.  Groups.
  4.  Items.
  5. Line action button. In can adjust item’s quantity, and navigate items across pages.
  6.  Ticket grid Main editors for order items.
  7.  Barcode search.
  8. Ticket Action buttons. Buttons include adding misc item, holding ticket, sending item to kitchen and saving the orders.
  9. Total button.

Take out


                                 Take out order flow


In this order type cashier directly enters Ticket Editor, add items, and modifiers if any. Then he hits Total button  and complete transaction.


Order Taking Screen demo

Dine In12

Table Service Order flow


Table & Guest selection Screen:

  1. Top Toolbar.
  2. Tables.
  3. Amount of guests you are going to serve on selected table.



Payment Window:

  1. Cash Payment Option.
  2. Card Payment Option.
  3. Gift Payment Option.
  4. Other Payment Option.
  5. Tendered Amount.(Amount got from the customer.Initially it is the due amount)
  6. Cash amount.(It will add in tendered amount. If customer pays on these amounts the system will tell you how much you have to give back as a change to the customer or customer needs to pay how much more to complete their transaction.)
  7. Gratuity.(If customer wants to pay tips you can add them via gratuity.)
  8. Print option.
  9. Round.(If customer pays in round amount you press this button and it will add it in the tendered amount and finally will show how much you have to give back as change.)

?Payment is same for Dine In and Take Out.