Floreant POS can be implemented in many ways. A small store can use a single terminal loaded with embedded derby database while a big  stores should prefer client server database. There are also many choices of databases. It support Apache Derby, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Order types are not hardcoded in the system. We have option to set features by orders.


It nicely organize printers and let store set printer routes. Each individual item can be printed to multiple kitchen printers. All report layout can be customized with jasper ireport 4.0.1.

Bar tab

Create new tab, edit tab and per-authorization of credit card.


Dynamic Pricing on Modifier Group, Max/Min, Forced modifiers, Ala-carte, Happy hour, fixed, percent discounted price.

Kitchen control

Route instructions to Kitchen receipt printer. Track wastage and assign dedicated Kitchen printers for different terminals.


Friendly interface for managing Food Menu, Mods, Prices, Beverages,Cooking instruction. Forced beverage by Guest count.

Cash terminals

Magnetic card, Partial payment and multiple Automatically calculate Discounts by percent and fixed amounts and accepts Giftcard and Coupon


Multiple tax, Per item tax, Tax exemption. Included Vat/Tax sales system for UK and European restaurants.

MIS Reports

Ships with standard set of financial reports including Sales summary and detail report, Hourly income report, Gratuity (Tips) report, drawer pull and Credit card reports.

Manager facilities

Credit card tips, Drawer Pull, Drawer bleed, Void, Split & reports in Receipt printer.

Plugin based architecture

Supports Commercial free plugins for Inventory Control, Transactions including Purchase, Move, Wastage, restocking levels, Warehouse for Raw material and Finished items.

Most Active project

Real time source code access. Live chat support & Remote installation

Zero Installer App

We release our pos application in ZIP format. To install you just unzip everything in a folder. While installers apparently makes life easier they actually do lots of changes under the hood. With our system when you need to move or take back up just copy the folder.


Floreant POS support any Java supported tablets like Dell Venue Pro or Surface 3.  It runs well even in a low configuration Atom processor based device with 16GB storage.