Log in & Clock in

Clock in and clock out time are hours a user stays in restaurant and must be done once per day. In case user forgets to clock out the system forces clock out at the end of the shift. Since the touch terminals are used by more than one food servers, a food server must release the terminal as soon as he finished his task( like ordering food). This is done by log in / log out. In most of the cases a short time is allocated in back office and it prompts if food server needs more time.


It provides all the buttons to create and edit tickets. It shows open ticket status and food server may edit an exiting dine in ticket and add more orders in few taps. Usually every food server only sees his own tickets and manager and administrator can see all tickets.

 Order types

Basic order types
  • Dine-In: Option for table allocation and usually user order food for longer time.
  • Take Out: Like retail store guests orders food and pays immediately.
  • Bar tabs: In bar user has to create tabs and buy liquors and wines.

Following orders are available through free plugins from OROCUBE

  • Pick Up: User can order food and then picks up in scheduled time.
  • Home Delivery: User can order food and then get it delivered.
  • Drive Thru: It works like take out.
  • Online to Kitchen:  Its experimental plugin to link kitchen with online order


Create Take Out ticket

Simplest food order that does not record no of guests and table. Pressing pay now button button will proceed to payment screen

Create Dine-In Ticket : Table No

If you have installed Orocube FloorLayout Plugin the above Table selector will be replaced by

In dining food is tracked by table. Food server can check which table is available from ticket list. When done ticket is settled and tabled is freed. In some case more than one ticket can be created for one table. Floreant POS prompts duplicate table no. It could be overridden

Create Ticket : No of guest

Add total number of guests. Usually every guest is offered beverage and head count is used for reporting.

Create Ticket: Select Group

First need to choose menu category in left sidebar. And in each category there are several groups of food. Groups are almost standard in diff Restaurants while restaurant may pick groups and arrange them in different category. Its also possible same group can be in multiple category.

Create Ticket: Select Items

Item is unit of food usually written in printed menu. It often has options (for example 2 Egg break fast can have 2 eggs picked from different types of eggs)

Create Ticket: Select Item by Barcode Scanner

Create Ticket: Select Modifier

Modifiers are ways to note user preferences for some food item/package. it may have option to have no or extra modifier.

Create Ticket: Cooking Instruction

Kitchen Instructions are not mentioned in Bill but sent to kitchen printer. For example some guest can order for extra plate or make hashbrown crispy.

Misc Item

Often unlisted items need to be sold. This is a quick way to do it.


Modifiers are optional features useful for dine in and pizza stops. Modifiers are arranged by Group and there may be choices with extra price.


Create Ticket: Cooking Instruction

Kitchen Instructions are also not mentioned in Bill but sent to kitchen printer. For example some guest can mention halal ingredient or request for colorful plate for kids.

This is an optional features provided through free OROCUBE plugin

Caller ID detection

We have tried Emulator provided by famous CallerID.com  When user orders over phone, a POPUP screen is shown similar to the following.

Searching and registering Customer

You need to have Orocube LLC’c OroCust Plugin


Home delivery & Pickup – Schedule

Bar Tab – Charge Card in advance

Find Ticket by Barcode scanner

Barcode in TIcket

Every ticket printer has a barcode number.

Get Ticket id

Kitchen Display system

This is a innovative way to setup a kitchen display system and monitor kitchen from managers desk. It requires a touch screen terminal connected to server.

Live display of kitchen orders

Improve Kitchen Performance

The clocks show how much time a food is in queue. When a food is ready it goes away from the screen.

Floor plan monitor

This shows real time update of all the Tables in a Restaurant.

Split ticket

Guests often like to pay bill individually and therefore they can request splitting the ticket. The split screen allows to split a ticket upto 4 tickets. In rare case user needs to split more. This is done by further splitting already split ticket.

Merge ticket

We do not allow merging tickets. However multiple tickets couple be paid by using group settle feature.


Floreant has powerful payment system that allows mixed payments with multiple transactions. User may pay full bill in cash, credit card and gift voucher.

Select payment type

Swipe Card

Drawer Pull

From Dashboard/Manager button

Transfer Ticket to different Server

Server Tips Accounting


Drawer Pull Actual amount


Admin update this to log differences of actual amount and expected cash.

Void Items


Select a reason

User may select a reason from the existing list or add.

If food is wasted

There is a checkbox to mark if food is wasted or not. Usually if guest had changed his mind before the items was cooked its considered not wasted.

Receipts: Ticket Receipt

Receipts: Kitchen Receipt


Back office reports are printed in regular Printer and they can be exported to spreadsheet.

Reports: Sales Analysis


Reports: Sales Summary

Reports: Sales Balance

Reports: Sales Key Statistics

Reports: Sales Exception

Gives clear picture of how many discounts are given and list of wasted food

Reports: Journal Report

Reports: Server Productivity

Reports: Hourly labor report

Reports: Menu Usage Report

Reports: Credit Card Report

Reports: Payroll Report