Figure 1: Store Details

Figure 1: Store Details

Store details: All business require their store information to be printed in the payment receipt and perhaps in the reports also. Its is a unique identity of the business basically containing the store name, address and phone number.
These information should not be changed unless its must. Keep length of Restaurant name, Address line 1, 2 & 3 less than 12 character so that they print nicely in small printers.
Service charge: If you charge % of service charge use this field, otherwise leave it blank.
Default Gratuity: Enter a tips % over the total amount due if you have a fixed number, otherwise leave it blank.

🎯 Back Office–>Admin–>Configuration–>Restaurant
💡 Vat no: Some countries require to print Tax/Vat no in receipts. One Trick way is to use Unused Address field or Ticket footer. If your price like UK are calculated including VAT check respective field in next tab button.


Figure 2: Multi-currency Configuration

Add local currencies such as EURO, BRG or ARS. Check the box which you want to be the main currency. Enter exchange rate for all currencies based on main currency,

🎯 Back Office–>Admin–>Currency
🎗 exchange rate for the main currency must be 1.

Tolerance will allow to adjust very small differences in between payment receivable and paid amount.