In Floreant POS every user has a different set of permission. Set permission Administrator logs on the system and go to the back office. User permission is in Admin menu at the left.

User Permission iconEach user such as Admin, Manager or Cashier must have different Login passwords with different set of User Permissions. User Types can be created to facilitate different user permissions like Back Office Access, Pay Out Permission, Drawer Assignment facility. This user types are to be assigned to each user or employee in their user profile.

 Create user type from Backoffice->Admin->User Type


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Basic User Types

User Types:

Admin or Manager should have access to overall functionalities in the POS system. Cashiers, Servers or other employees should have limited access such as no Void Ticket, no Pay Out, no Refund, no Drawer Pull option. If a specific employee needs a user type that does not match with the user permissions for other employees, a new user type can be created for that employee. However, Admin or Store Manager may set Permissions to the Users on their own choice, the table below only shows a guideline.
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User Profiles

 Create Users from Backoffice->Admin->Users

Create User

Create User

Now comes the main part, creating user profiles. Without creating user profile all user types and their permissions will be meaningless. Each employee or each POS user needs a separate user profile created with a chosen User Type. User Profile will include Name, SSN or Employee number, phone number if required and the Secret Key to Login to the POS system. Secret key must be unique and confidential for each user.

The user profile for all employee needed to keep track of their login and clock in time periods. Login time makes an employee responsible for anything happening at the time period to the POS terminal. A clock in period is recorded for their payroll calculation.